Thank you.

Such simple words but for me, today, they are two of the most powerful words in the English language.

Thank you to my Lord and Savior for His grace, mercy and love.

Thank you to my family for always rallying to my cause. They are my true treasure.

Thank you to each of you that knocked on doors, put up signs, donated, asked your friends to vote for me, stuffed envelopes, waved signs in the pouring rain…all of the multitude of things that make up the work needed to win a political race. Your commitment to these tasks gave me strength in the day-to-day work of this campaign.

Ronald Reagan said excellence demands competition. And I can definitely say in this race that is true. My opponents pushed me to be a better candidate. It means a lot to me that each of us – Ray, D’Andre, Phillip, Craig and Robert – ran a clean, positive campaign. In a field of six in a year where there were issues that stir people’s emotions – it is big to be able to say that for us all. I thank each of them for the sacrifice and dedication it took to run their campaign but most of all for their desire to serve the people of Fayetteville. It is my hope we can work together to find the most strategic ways for them to continue to do that.

Thank each of you for voting and allowing me to serve you.  I have heard you and will strive to be the conservative voice you’ve clearly shown you want on the Fayetteville City Council.

Now the next part of this work begins. Over the next four years I hope to bring a stronger business perspective to our city government, to advocate for those things that attract, strengthen and sustain business in our community.  Your input is invaluable to me. Please continue to call, email, and text me your concerns and your suggestions.

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